Welcome To Jai Shree Krishna Studios

JaiShreeKrishna Studios was conceived by Jitendra Patil and designed to offer an environment that is sympathetic to the creation of music using state of the art technology to capture the performance. Sound is a phenomenon that occurs in space, you need the right space to record the right sound. JaiShreeKrishna Studios, a truly superior sounding space ergonomically and acoustically engineered with accurate and neutral environment that enables the sound engineers to correctly make tonal and spatial judgments.

JaiShreeKrishna VISION

Our vision is to be the finest originator, producer & executor of innovative and successful ideas in the world of Films, Music, Advertising and other electronic media. We want to share our expertise in the world of Voice, Music, and Presentation Skills with the population of the world through well structured, focused & interactive programs.

JaiShreeKrishna VALUES

Our Values has been built on ideas and principles like thoughtfulness, courtesy, integrity and the quest for excellence. The client must be given the best possible service and superior performance is to be pursued at all times.

JaiShreeKrishna MISSION

Our goal is to create the finest Voice & Music productions by using the best creative talent and the latest technology. We want to support the expressive use of innovative media tools by providing the access, training and environment needed to create artistic works of enduring merit and artistic excellence.

“If accuracy and uncompromising quality is what you’re looking for, why go anywhere else, forget the rest –
JaiShreeKrishna Studios is the Best.

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